Each year Ellen white primary school pays visits to a number of secondary schools around the country to encourage our pupils make informed decisions when making choices for their secondary education. This year the school will be visiting the following schools as scheduled below:-

1st October, 2016 to Midland High School, Kawempe.

8th October, 2016 to Katikamu SDA SS, Wobulenzi.

15th October, 2016 to Merryland High School, Entebbe main campus

22nd October, 2016 to Light College, Katikamu Masulita.

29th October, 2016 to Kennedy Secondary School, Entebbe.


We invite all people (Well-wishers, our dear Parents, our Alumni, etc.) who wish to see Ellen White Primary School perform and serve God to come and meet us at any of these outings.

You are all most welcome, we love you so much!!

Thank you for choosing Ellen White Primary School.

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