Academic Status

In 2008 Ellen White Bright Future Primary School was registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports under LICENSE NUMBER : PPS/E/41 which mandated us to expand our scope of operation.

In 2011 Ellen White Bright Future Primary School was given a UNEB  CENTRE: 650006 and ever since has been the best performing school in Nakaseke District.

Academic Environment

Today, Ellen white primary school has over 700 learners in grades nursery through primary seven. There are 21 classrooms and a staff of 32 qualified teachers and 21 support staff. Our staff seeks to use all teacher moments, to train and reinforce right behavior to honor and glorify God.

The staff offers a loving and nurturing environment and we are known to be a school where learners feel a sense of belonging, know teachers love and respect them, and work hard to enable them learn and grow.

The school also prides in a number of 21 support staff members who ensure the excellence of sanitation, learners personal hygiene, security and overall monitoring of learners during their play and recess.

Subjects Offered

  1. Mathematics
  2. Social studies
  3. Science and health sciences
  4. Language
  5. Reading
  6. Numerations
  7. Health habits
  8. Social development
  9. Writing
  10. Drawing
  11. Oral / Rhymes
  12. Physical education
  13. Music
  14. Religious education
  15. Story telling.

Admission Requirements