Pupils Life at Ellen white primary school

The tender minds of learners need awakening of their intelligence. This has to be kept in the forefront of all activities in the school. Though we do not have a blueprint of how to awaken this intelligence, we do know that one of the important factors required is an attentive state of mind. We also know that this attentive state of mind cannot be forced, ordered or planned. It can come into being under certain conditions; where fear is absent, when there is the joy of discovery, when the mind has a quality of quietness.

Our Educational Trips that form a part of the school curriculum yearly are very valuable as they provide the learners and teachers the opportunity of learning through travel, especially to places they may not otherwise get to visit.

Ellen White Bright Future Primary School has organized Educational tours to almost all visit able parts of the country and is yet to organize a multi – country study tour to the Victoria Falls in Zambia through Kenya, Dar – es – salaam and Malawi.

Our learners through time have had the opportunity to visit the following places.

Pupils Facilities and welfare

We have a variety of facilities to foster a wide range of study and academic excellence that include a fully stocked library.

We also provide transport vans to the day school to ensure safety and time conscience of our learners.

We take great pride in the appearance of our school with spacious classrooms and a serene green environment to meet the needs of our learners.

Every student can access safe water for drinking treated through the ultra – violent ray water treatment system available at the school premises served through a tank that can accommodate more than the available number of learners per day and ensure safety and cleanliness of the water.

The other sources of water including a borehole, National Water and Sewerage Corporation piped water and harvested rain water into a 10000 litre tank provides more than enough water to the learners for domestic chores.

The cookery room with enough cooking facilities and dedicated trained support staff ensures timely provision of healthy meals to facilitate physical and mind development of the learners.

The school is affiliated to a renowned private medical and diagnostic centre with qualified medical personnel and necessary drugs to cater for the necessary medical attention to our learners before they are handed over to the parent when need be.

Physical Life of pupils at Ellen white ps

The school is designed to develop the physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual aspect of the child in all sections.

So as to achieve this, children are given enough time for exercise through Physical Education and enough play by participation in co –curricular activities like Games and Sports, Music Dance and Dramma(MDD), internal and external  debates. These give learners opportunities to express anger, fear, tenderness, happiness, reasoning which results in an all – round development of the physical and emotional mind.

MDD gave us the opportunity to emerge the best performing school in the Regional MDD Competitions of 2009/2010 among eight districts of Central Uganda.

Ellen White has in possession a football and netball well managed pitch and a practical agricultural garden where learners are given room to learn. From the school garden and poultry farm, learners get hands on skills like poultry keeping, dairy farming and tree nurturing from the school green houses.

Interested learners also access vocational skills in Carpentry and Joinery from the School Workshop.

Pupils spiritual Life at Ellen white ps

Learners need to understand the creator and creation distinguish right and wrong, learn to relate with the environment around. So as to provide this to learners, they attend daily evening counseling sessions on biblical principles and observe a Christian biblical Sabbath weekly. In addition, a week of spiritual emphasis is organized yearly to involve both staff and learners in a spiritual insight.

The ever available chapel leadership caters for the learners and staff spiritual needs timely through counseling, intercessional prayer, bible study, provision of spiritual reading material and others.

The Christian school is based on the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Foundation though non – denominational. It takes in learners from all faiths and gives them freedom to exercise their values depending on agreed terms and organization with the parent. These entire activities enable a learner develop values and good social habits.

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